Cortina Jackson

Fiction Author/Actress/ Podcast Host

Book Trailers by Cortina Jackson

Book Excerpt:

She tip-toed carefully, so as not to make a sound; inevitably, the crunch of broken glass underneath the sole of her worn out Keds broke the deafening silence. She paused, her foot slightly raised, so as not to create any more shards that would reveal her presence.

Evil abounded, and fear kept the masses from speaking out; and the sounds of silence were the loudest.

Book Excerpt:

 Stepping across hot lava and putrid, liquefied bodies; she carefully used the heads of screaming souls as stepping stones. Only the heads were visible; mouths wide open like a gaping abyss, the bodies sloshed together like a grotesque soup. The most terrifying fear and evil was felt to the core. 

Satan spoke again; overpowering the tormented souls with their vociferous cries of agony that roared like the sound of a rushing incinerator. “Now go, and deceive everyone! Go to every home, enter into every heart, and leave no stone unturned. No one will be immune to my power. Ha ha ha, do on Earth as it is in Hell!!”