Cortina Jackson

Fiction Author/Actress/ Podcast Host

On Earth As It Is In Hell

* Warning-May Cause Triggers Contains Graphic Language, Violence, and Sex

Have you ever felt like giving up, ever experience sadness and depression? Were you violated or abused; and didn't know where to turn for help? Did you pray to God, but there seemed to be no answers? 

However, you watched as people found success, happiness, and wealth through other means; and you wanted this for yourself; even if it meant selling your soul for it. Well, Clara did! She sought answers and help from a God that didn't seem to respond to her cries for relief from her Hell on Earth.

 "On Earth as it is in Hell," introduces a demon called “Master.” Master is the demon of manipulation to capitalize on fear, mistrust, depression, sadness, and church hurt. Demons beg Master to go to the Earth through portals so that they may claim souls, and escape their own torture in the boiling inferno of Hell. Satan himself overhears the plan and admonishes them not to come back empty-handed. The demons look for vulnerabilities in the people that walk the Earth. 

They look at a young woman named Clara, a woman who stopped believing in God after experiencing sexual abuse, domestic violence, deception from people, and loss. She will be easy to manipulate, and so will many others just like her. 

The ultimate plan is to ensure that people do not believe in God ever again, so the demonic forces manipulate the thoughts and actions of the one person that people look to the most during these times of pain and confusion; the Pastor. The Pastor also seeks answers, find out who responds! The decisions that are made in this fiction thriller may shock you! 

Life is scarier than fiction, the fate of the world is scarier than this!